Spelling Practice

Directions: Spell the following place names, which are of great historical importance to the Lakota people. You can try to do this from memory, but feel free to refer to the alphabet for reference. Either way, this exercise will help you memorize the names of Lakota's letters.

   Wazí Aháŋhaŋ
   (Pine Ridge)
= wa   a   za   i   a   ha   aŋ   ha   aŋ

1. Ȟesápa (The Black Hills) =  
2. Makȟóšiča (Badlands) =  
3. Wakpá Wašté
   (Cheyenne River)
4. Čhaȟkpé Ópi
   (Wounded Knee)
5. Pažóla Otȟúŋwahe
   (Martin, SD)

Answers to Spelling Practice

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