Answers to Lesson 1 Quiz

1. Which of the following nasal vowels does not exist in Lakota?
2. Which of the following English consonants does not exist in Lakota?
   c) F
3. How many consonants are in the written word héčhiŋškayapi (bighorn)?
   b) 6; h, čh (digraphs represent single consonants), š, k, y, p
4. True/False: pronouncing kh, ph and th as , and will not make a difference in the meaning of a word.
   a) True
5. Which of the following words is pronounced very differently in English than in Lakota?
   c) maniacal; the I in 'maniacal' is pronounced as the English word 'eye'. In Lakota, a "ah" and i "ee" never mix as they do in English.
6. How many syllables does the word pȟaŋkéska (abalone) have?
   a) 3; pȟaŋ   ké   ska
7. The sounds that comprise the English word 'emotional' would be written in the Lakota alphabet as:
   a) imóšanal; emótional
8. Which of the following is not a digraph?
   b) čȟ; čh is a digraph, but not čȟ
9. Which of the following sounds is/are unaspirated?
   c) both b and ǧ; there is no puff of air following b or ǧ, if there were, they would be written as bh and ǧh
10. True/False: ž is a voiced version of š.
   a) True

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